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Our company always insists quality is the development of the Principles of the corporate life.

vpower international trading co., Ltd was established in 2001, we specialized in research and manufacture of lithium iron phosphate power batteries used in Electrical Vehicles. We have experienced consistent growth and honed our manufacturing management techniques. Also we have advanced manufacturing equipment and complete testing means. The products of lithium iron phosphate power battery have been of stable quality with mature manufacturing process and up to advanced international level, comparing with other similar products of other companies in the world.


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We take obvious advantage of better quality and lower prices after years of research and development; we strive to provide customers with both satisfactory and extraordinary before and after sales services. We have confidence to launch more competitive products to cope with more severe competition. Now our products are exported to USA, Germany, Brazil, Paraguay, Denmark, Norway, France, England, Russia, Australia, Singapore, and HK etc.


Our Products LiFePO4 Battery Advantages

  • Very light weight of the battery, the lead-acid battery is 1/3, nickel-metal hydride batteries for 63 percent;
  • The battery small size, lightweight design of goods, Lead-acid battery 2/3, than the small size
    nickel-metal hydride batteries;
  • Alone the battery voltage,3.2v,less Series, the battery pack high reliability; platform performance:
    1 C charge and discharge, 3.3 to 3.0 v platform capacity of more than 93 percent;
  • Discharge platform stability, and can be used for high-current high-power charging and discharging
    high rate discharge characteristic: 10 C charge –discharge efficiency of more than 96 percent,90 percent capacity retention,10 C discharge can be realized;
  • The battery self-discharge small; no memory effect, Rechargeable batteries are in a tightly
    End conditions, capacity would be less than the rated capacity value rapidly, a phenomenon
    called memory effect, such as nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium batteries have memory,
    and the absence of phenomenon lithium iron phosphate battery no matter what a state can
    be used as the filling, not to put end recharge;
  • Fast charging of the battery have a good characteristic,2 C fast charge, half –hour adequate
    95 percent; Wide temperature range (-20C+75C),high temperature characteristics of lithium
    iron phosphate electric peak up to 350 °C-500° C, and li-Mn and li-ion only 200°C
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